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Pink night in Rimini

Created in 2006, the Pink Night is inspired by the “White Nights” that have place in several cities of Italy: in the course of these evenings, often shops and restaurants remain open until late in the evening and are organised shows and events of great cultural interest, so as to allow all guests to experience a night long and fascinating.

The main difference that exists between the “Pink Night” and the “White Night” is the fact that the first is inspired to the passions and sentiment, and that, therefore, each year provides a theme-addictive and exciting. Another feature that differentiates the "Pink Night" from the original model is that it takes place on the Riviera Romagnola, involving about 110 km of the coast, while the White Night is held in individual cities are not related between them.

From some years to this part also, the Pink Night has extended his performance for the whole weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday, providing events and shows are really interesting and prestigious in the world. For the occasion, and all the cities of the Riviera dress in pink: the streets are enriched with festoons and lanterns pink, at the local public are served wraps in pink and themed cocktails, in the centre and on the seafront you can find activities for young and old “in the pink” and much more!

As anticipated, in all the evenings and particularly Friday are organized concerts and shows in the company of the characters beloved of the Italian musical panorama and not only that: in the course of the past editions, they are exhibited Antonello Venditti, Nicola Piovani, Noemi, Francesco De Gregori, Raf, Fiorella Mannoia, Giuliano Palma and many others!

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