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Swimming pool

Animation in the pool for those who fear boredom

The Dasamo Hotel is equipped with a pool of approximately 98 sqm (7 x 14 meters) with a depth ranging between 120 and 160 cm, ideal for those who want to alternate the days of the beach and the sea and the smell of salt to those of complete relaxation perhaps in the company of a good book or a drink.

In low season the pool water is heated so you can enjoy it, even with cooler temperatures, a nice dip. Adjacent to the pool there is a jacuzzi for pleasant moments.

In the pool you never get bored, you can enjoy the company of friends, chat with other guests at the Hotel, or simply sit in the corner to relax and enjoy the sunshine of the summer of the Riviera Romagnola.

The book, swimming or hot tub: what do you choose?

The pool, heated when the temperatures are not very high and in the low season, is fully equipped with umbrellas and deck chairs. You can spend hours of rest at the edge of the tank, or you can dive in the water to do some bath, to swim and get back in shape, thanks to the jets targeted thetub.
Last but not least, the company of a good book or music can be the best company for an afternoon of relaxation, to spend some time with their favorite hobbies.

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